JOE JACK TALCUM / SAMUEL LOCKE-WARD - "just add tears" - LP - $15ppd
newest full length split effort between PA legend joe jack 
talcum (feat. the powders) and iowa city wonder boy samuel
locke-ward (feat. the boo hoos) - this chunk churns out a
basket of pop slaughter from dead milkmen's humble gent
breezing through sticky sorghum. on the flip sam rocks it
harder then patty hearst's trigger finger. housed in
silkscreened covers by josh mead. 


SAMUEL LOCKE-WARD & DARREN BROWN - "from the privilege of the grave" - LP - $15ppd
eons in the making. after a year or so of battling it out with
the pressing plants, we see one of the latest releases from
the ever prolific SLW. this one is a collaborative effort
between sam and darren brown (boy dirt car/texxar) and
showcases 9 songs of perfect "noise-folk" to cram in your
hammy. limited to 300 copies with multi-colored silkscreened
sleeves by josh mead. co-released with mission freak records.


YUPPIES - "ive been touched" - SEVEN INCH - $5.50ppd
yowler. i have been touched indeed. by the hands of the
yuppies. smashed up sloppy pop songs that ease thier
way into your busted and hollowed out ear cannals.
guitar/drum/keyboard racket that blows the socks off
your compainon and leaves he/she in heat. about as
sticky as a bar room floor. limited to 300 copies in photocopy covers.


SPIRITUAL RAGS - "s/t" - LP - $15ppd
the trio of simon joyner/lonnie methe & chris deden
culminate and record a spattering of concrete dirge and
ballad that treads upon the razors edge...songs topple upon
themselves and shatter your weak vision of what appears to
be "home" - graveyard blues, and hobbled hopes force thier
 way into near psych territory, yet follow through and blurt
 thier way back into and out of your heart. limited to
 300 copies in "recycled" silkscreened jackets. no two are
 alike. co-released with unread records.


is it the tuning of the season? post-what-have you collective of real
dynamic musicianship that fries out your motherboard.
fully realized and constructed song structures that beat
and bleed your heart to drain you of all life force.
feels like how it feels to talk back to your mother at a
young age. oh so good. limited to 300 copies with silkscreened


OUTLAW CON BANDANA "faeries & rewards" - LP - $15ppd
Plenty of myth and lore already surround the Omaha four-piece
Outlaw Con Bandana. This time around, the Outlaw is
getting in on the act, adding his own bit of fabulism to the
narrative. “Faeries and Rewards,” an adventure story that
exalts in eccentric characters and faces down the
consequences of a life on the fringes, picks up with our
main character as he is railroaded and harried by the powers
that be. The resulting album is at turns exuberant, world-
weary, wise and brash; and is easily one of the strongest
statements in Outlaw’s catalog. limited to 300 copies with
multi-colored silkscreened sleeves, and insert.


BOX ELDERS - "hole in my head" - SEVEN INCH - $5.50ppd
garage pop blowout that induces fevers and hives.
true to form raukus that is as slap-happy as it is
slap-catchy. these lads are going places. did someone
say second pressing? (or third?) 
first pressing in screened sleeves, second pressing in 
color copied sleeves.



THE BRUCES - "family day" - LP - $15ppd
long player re-issue of old SING, EUNUCHS! cassette (#3)
in all its brilliance. this collection of song sings through
the ages and pushes away the harsh winter, or welcomes it,
just as it did back when it was forged. a beautifull re-issue
of one hell of an important album. limited to 300
hand-numbered copies, with silkscreened sleeves.


OUTLAW CON BANDANA - "life without outlaw" - LP - $15ppd
singer-songwriter brendan hagberg delivers his first vinyl
appearance after a dozen years or so of driftin and buskin.
previous bits of his songs were here and there on old compilations
and the like, but this one is where he steps into the batters box
and composes posture that of swinging for the fences. real
live band backs it all up, with beautiful harmonies (via pearl
love-joy boyd) bass and drum. even a birdcage or two had been
rattled. limited to 300 copies, first edition - cut and paste / spraypainted sleeves.
second edition with silkscreened sleeves.